Cream Of Asian Peas

Originally posted on AFC BULL MARKET KITCHEN:
CREAM OF ASIAN PEAS Cooked peas swimming in a umami-rich Creamy Asian Apricot Sauce! Hey, Asians eat creamy. They love creamy! This is for you! Makes  almost 1 cup sauce and 3-1/2 cups peas 3 c. froz. peas, cooked in soft-boiling water till plump, then drained well to…


PREPARING AND COOKING WHITE ASPARAGUS Although I rarely see white asparagus when out and about, I saw these while shopping at the West Side Market a few days ago. Two bunches for five dollars! Great price. I asked the vendor the best way to cook them and he said, “grill them – that’s the bestContinue reading “PREPARING & COOKING WHITE ASPARAGUS”