Collard Green, Olive And Caper Spread

COLLARD GREEN, OLIVE AND CAPER SPREAD Tired of the same old spinach dips and spreads? Want something new, something different, that tastes like it came out of a Five Star Kitchen? You came to the right place - the only place! Makes 2-2/3 cups 14 oz. pkg. froz. PictSweet Chopped Collard Greens - cook in … Continue reading Collard Green, Olive And Caper Spread


Grilled Cheese Grinder

GRILLED CHEESE GRINDER Daiya dairy free block cheddar cheese layered with red roasted peppers, dill pickle planks and sliced onion on a steak and sausage six-inch grinder roll spread with veggie mayonnaise and prepared yellow mustard! Grilled in an oiled hot skillet till cheese softens and outside of roll hardens! Don't forget the fresh grind … Continue reading Grilled Cheese Grinder


PICKLED ROASTED YELLOW PEPPERS Sweet yellow peppers roasted with extra virgin olive oil, then packed in jars with apple cider vinegar, fresh sprigs of rosemary, garlic and whole cloves. Use as a side dish condiment, on sandwiches, in salads (potato, bean, rice, pasta, greens) or in hot rice or bean dishes! Versatile and delicious! Pickles … Continue reading PICKLED ROASTED YELLOW PEPPERS


IMPERIAL CREAMED SPINACH A basic white sauce flavored with garlic, tarragon and nutmeg folded into fresh cooked, squeezed spinach, sauteed mushroom and sweet roasted pepper. The empress of all creamed spinach! Makes 4-3/4 cups Spinach: 2, 16 oz. bags fresh spinach Place spinach in about 3 inches of boiling water in extra-large pot. Submerge and … Continue reading IMPERIAL CREAMED SPINACH


SAFFRON ROASTED PEPPER CREAM SAUCE with sauteed mushroom, onion, and tarragon. Served over saffron and white truffle oil instant mashed potatoes! Easy and elegant! Out of this world delicious! Makes 6 cups sauce and 8 servings mashed potatoes Sauce: 3 T. extra virgin olive oil 7.5 oz. (DR. wt. 4.5 oz.) jar sliced mushrooms; drain … Continue reading SAFFRON ROASTED PEPPER CREAM SAUCE


LEMON HORSERADISH SAUCE with chopped parsley, roasted peppers, garlic and tarragon!  Serve over, or toss with, steamed veggies of choice, or over oven-roasted root vegetables after you take them from the oven!  Makes 2-1/2 cups 2 T. extra virgin olive oil 2 T. margarine 2 c. unsweetened Coconut Almond Milk by Blue Diamond 2 t. … Continue reading LEMON HORSERADISH SAUCE


BAKED GNOCCHI AND MASHED POTATO CASSEROLE Fresh potato gnocchi wrapped in mashed potatoes with extra virgin olive oil, petite peas, Kalamata olives, sweet red roasted peppers and fresh garlic. A must try! Serves 9-12 Preheat oven to 350 degrees 16 oz. pkg. vacuum packed fresh gnocchi pasta 1 c. froz. petite peas 3 T. softened … Continue reading BAKED GNOCCHI AND POTATO CASSEROLE


GRILLED PEANUT BUTTER AND ROASTED PEPPER SANDWICH Pan-fried in extra virgin olive oil and cracked pepper!  A great grill cheese sandwich alternative! Makes 1 sandwich 2 slices of your favorite bread; I used multi-grain deli size creamy peanut butter, the common variety type found in all markets Poupon Dijon mustard, or other brand of Dijon … Continue reading GRILLED PEANUT BUTTER AND ROASTED PEPPER SANDWICH


ARTICHOKE ANTIPASTO HORS D’OEUVRE Eggplant appetizer (caponata) mixed with marinated artichoke hearts and sweet red roasted peppers. Served with slices of fresh French baguette! Makes 1-1/2 cups 4-3/4 oz. can caponata (eggplant appetizer) 6 oz. jar marinated artichoke hearts including oil from the jar; remove stiff, fibrous parts, then cut into ½ inch squares ½, … Continue reading ARTICHOKE ANTIPASTO HORS D’OUEVRE


CHILI BEANS WITH ROASTED PEPPERS AND CORN Sauteed sweet onion and red roasted peppers in extra virgin olive oil. Combined chili beans and corn. Seasoned with tarragon! Makes 6 cups 3 T. extra virgin olive oil 1 c. diced sweet onion 7 oz. jar sweet red roasted peppers, diced 17 oz. can whole kernel corn … Continue reading CHILI BEANS WITH ROASTED PEPPERS AND CORN


CREAMY BASIL PESTO Made from fresh garlic, onion, basil and tofu with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon. Combined with a cooked Kalamata olive, mushroom and roasted pepper antipasto with grape tomatoes. Flavored with whiskey. Tossed with bite-sized rigatoni pasta and topped with smoked almond crumbles and additional grape tomatoes. Extra special! Makes 6-8 … Continue reading CREAMY BASIL PESTO


VEGGIE SALAMI SLIDERS Sauteed sweet cabbage and onion piled onto miniature potato rolls spread with spicy brown mustard and animal-free mayonnaise, with sweet red roasted peppers and pan-fried Veggie Salami Slices. A simple and delicious hors d’oeuvre sandwich! Makes 12 sliders 2 T. extra virgin olive oil ½ sm. green cabbage, cored and sliced into … Continue reading VEGGIE SALAMI SLIDERS


HOMEMADE CAPONATA Sauteed eggplant, peppers and onion with capers, olives and fresh tomato. Seasoned with garlic, celery seed, a touch of sweet and a touch of heat. Use for bruschetta! Makes 2 cups 2 T. margarine 2 T. extra virgin olive oil 2 c. fresh cubed eggplant, 3/8 inch cubes, no larger – use your … Continue reading HOMEMADE CAPONATA


SHARON’S CORDON BLEU SUBS Pan-fried soy chicken patties with cracked pepper. Layered with pan-fried soy ham slices and heated sweet red roasted peppers on a broiled soft sub roll spread with Dijon mustard and soft Animal-Free Butter! Makes 2 subs 2 bakery-style soft sub rolls (I used sesame seed), cut in half and broiled open-side … Continue reading SHARON’S CORDON BLEU SUBS