WINTER SOLTICE Boiled potatoes, and steamed red cabbage and carrots served with a fresh horseradish and dill melted margarine, and chilled applesauce! Serves 5 6 med. russet potatoes 2 lbs. red cabbage 6 med. carrots 1 stick margarine (salted); if not salted, then add a little salt 2 T. fresh grated horseradish 1 t. dried … Continue reading WINTER SOLTICE



WINTER VEGETABLE OVEN ROAST Carrots, potatoes, onion, turnips and cabbage oven roasted till caramelized with peanut oil, margarine, sugar and tarragon! Served with Marinated Apple And Celery Salad Serves 4 Preheat oven to 375 degrees 3 carrots, peeled and cut crosswise into 3rds, then lengthwise into halves 2 lg. baker potatoes, peeled, cut lengthwise, from … Continue reading WINTER VEGETABLE ROAST


POTATOES, ASPARAGUS AND TOMATOES A simple supper of boiled red-skinned potatoes pan-fried in margarine and thyme. Served with fresh steamed asparagus and tomatoes marinated in a sweet Balsamic vinaigrette. Serves 4 I bunch fresh asparagus 8 sm. red-skinned potatoes salt 2-3 T. margarine dried thyme, finely crushed 3 lg. sweet, ripe tomatoes 2 T. Balsamic … Continue reading POTATOES, ASPARAGUS AND TOMATOES