Grilled Cheese And Pepper Tortilla Sandwich

GRILLED CHEESE AND PEPPER TORTILLA SANDWICH Veggie cheese and sweet red roasted pepper between two 6 inch flour tortillas pan-grilled in vegetable oil to perfection! Served with cornichon dill pickle! A little fattening? A little. But it's so good, and you only want one, right? Okay, I confess, I had two - Lilly Belle helped eat … Continue reading Grilled Cheese And Pepper Tortilla Sandwich



PICKLE PEANUT BUTTER TORTILLA ROLL Easy to make, cheap, and fun to eat! Makes 1 1, 9 inch flour tortilla creamy peanut butter prepared yellow mustard freshly ground black pepper 2 long slices kosher dill pickle oil for frying Heat a skillet over medium heat. Place tortilla in skillet, just a few seconds to warm … Continue reading PICKLE PEANUT BUTTER TORTILLA ROLL