Poached Pears And Beets Àla Creme

POACHED PEARS AND BEETS ÀLA CREME Whole pears poached in the oven in a walnut-maple syrup baste. Then pan-poached along with cubed beets by their own juices with a mix of fig and raspberry spreads and fresh lime. Served with a Vanilla Coconut Lime Sauce! Serves 6 or more Walnut-Maple Baste: 2 T. walnut oil 3 … Continue reading Poached Pears And Beets Àla Creme


African Fruit Salad

AFRICAN FRUIT SALAD #2 Yes it's African. What's the matter with that? Hey, I researched it after the fact of naming it African.  Africans eat dates, pineapples and bananas - there's a big history there. That's all the proof I need, that Africans don't require animals in their diet. They just think they do. It's … Continue reading African Fruit Salad

Thick Lime Cream Sauce – how to make


GRITS AND MIXED CREAMED VEGETABLES Charred and caramelized sweet onion and mushroom combined with mixed assorted veggies in a beautiful sage, thyme and tarragon animal-free cream sauce! Served over grits! Makes 6 servings 4 c. water 1 t. sea salt 1 c. Quick cooking Grits 1/2 c. plain soy milk (I used Silk organic, unsweetened) … Continue reading GRITS AND MIXED CREAMED VEGETABLES