24 CARROT GOLD Steamed baby carrots sauteed till charred. Briefly cooked in a Cream Of Coconut Fresh Lime Glaze. Topped with toasted coconut! Ever have juicy carrots? These are them! Best carrots we ever had! Serves 4-6  Carrots: 1 lb. baby carrots Steam carrots till tender-soft, but not mushy. Transfer to bowl and let sit … Continue reading 24 CARROT GOLD



ROASTED PORTOBELLA MUSHROOMS Roasted Portobella mushrooms with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder. That's all you need. Slice to serve as is, or slice and saute in a little more olive oil, salt and pepper! Serve as a side dish to pasta and rice dishes, or on a sandwich! Makes 4 … Continue reading ROASTED PORTOBELLA MUSHROOMS