GINGER JUICE When you don't want to insert the texture of fresh ginger into a recipe, but still want the fresh ginger taste, this is an easy way to juice the ginger!  1 extra lg. piece of fresh ginger Wash ginger. Break into 2 or 3 pieces, breaking pieces off at the joints. Place in … Continue reading GINGER JUICE



RAW CRANBERRY CILANTRO RELISH A fresh cranberry, orange and cilantro chop! Makes a great relish to accompany your holiday meal! Makes 2-1/2 cups 1 lb. fresh cranberries 1 sm. fresh orange, peeled and seeded, cut into chunks 1/2 c. moderately packed fresh cilantro leaves (no stems) 2/3-3/4 c. sugar Place all ingredients in food processor. … Continue reading RAW CRANBERRY CILANTRO RELISH


BAKED MCINTOSH APPLESAUCE McIntosh apples baked till soft, then cored and peeled to produce a deliciously sweet applesauce that tastes like apple pie!  And no added ingredients. Just apples. How good is that? Makes 2-1/2 cups Preheat oven to 350 degrees 3 lb. bag McIntosh apples 1/4 c. water Wash apples, then cut a thin … Continue reading BAKED MCINTOSH APPLESAUCE


 HOMEMADE KETCHUP SAUCE Sweet, sour, spicy, smokey with coriander, paprika and garlic! Makes approx. 2 cups 2, 10-¾ oz. cans condensed tomato soup ⅔ c. white vinegar ¼ c. white sugar ¼ c. light brown sugar 1 t. salt ¼ c. prepared yellow mustard ½ t. finely ground black pepper ½ t. onion powder 1 … Continue reading HOMEMADE KETCHUP SAUCE