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Once again we’re back to sauces. Who eats a salad without a dressing – unless they put it in a blender? Personally, when I’m eating out, if I don’t like the dressing, I don’t want the salad – no matter how fresh the veggies and/or fruit.

So here we are at the front door to your salad where decisions are made for the purpose of enticing you, then satisfying your innate desire to feed a body good by eating primarily raw. The dressing is the key to open all those doors.

Be my special guest! Indulge!


AFC DIET COKE ZERO CALORIE SALAD DRESSING © Everything you want in a dressing!  This Is the Place!  Zero Calories! Makes almost 3 cups

FANTA ORANGE SODA SALAD DRESSING fat free with sun-dried tomato, garlic and fresh orange – fat-free. A refreshing change in the way you dress your salads! Makes 6 cups

ORANGE SAFFRON GINGER BEER DRESSING Orange, and  carrot juices, banana and ginger beer blended with saffron threads, coriander and garlic creating a sweet, savory, tart fat-free salad dressing! Makes 4 cups

ROOT BEER DRESSING SAUCE Barq’s Root Beer and Canada Dry diet Ginger Ale mixed with cocoa, dark brown sugar, Balsamic vinegar, coriander and allspice! Different but Delicious! Serve over salad, fresh sliced fruit (I like banana) or as a dipping sauce for veggie chicken nuggets! How about all three? That’ll put a smile on your Fat-Free Animal-Free Friday! Makes 4-1/2 cups


AFC MACARONI SALAD SAUCE Vegan sour cream has about half the calories of vegan mayonnaise, and it’s thicker, so you can add more to it without watering it down too much. For that reason, at least in some salads, vegan sour cream has become my new ‘go to’ base for mayonnaise replacement! Makes approx. 2 cups

ALL-PURPOSE SWEET MUSTARD SAUCE  Dijon mustard, raw sugar, soy cream, ginger and caraway. A sauce for all reasons. Brilliantly simple! Makes 1-¾ cups

BANANA GINGER CREAM DRESSING   with garlic, sweet onion and soy sour cream. Velvety smooth delicious! Makes 1-2/3 cups

CHOCOLATE SAFFRON DRESSING   Strange dressing fellows indeed, but you have to taste it to believe it. Exciting to say the least! This dressing is for the adventurous among you! Makes 3 cups

CHOCOLATE WALNUT SESAME DRESSING  Sesame oil, Sherry wine vinegar, chocolate chips and walnuts, brown sugar and garlic. Blended till creamy. You have to taste it to believe it! Bold!! Makes 2-1/4 cups

CRANBERRY PECAN SALAD DRESSING   A perfect holiday dressing for salad of greens, coleslaw and/or fruit salad! It makes a lot, so why not try all three during the season for cranberries! Your guests will rave! It’s the type of dressing where everybody will want the recipe! Makes 3-1/2 cups

CREAMY AVOCADO SALAD DRESSING Serve this creamy dressing over torn romaine lettuce, diced tomato, sliced cucumber and rings of sweet onion, then sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper. Makes 1-1/2 cups

CREAMY CASHEW AND CILANTRO SALAD DRESSING  A thick, creamy light green salad dressing designed for people on acid-free diets (no vinegar or lemon). Flavored with fresh cilantro! Makes 1-1/4 cups

CREAMY ITALIAN DRESSING  This is an all-purpose house dressing! Serve over any salad. If it sets for a while, it will separate. To keep creamy, re-blend just before serving! Makes 3/4 cup

CREAMY MARSALA AND SWEET ONION SALAD DRESSING  Dressings don’t get much better than this one! And it’s so easy. Ah-h. Makes 2 cups

CREAMY PINK FENNEL DRESSING  A thick, creamy elegance of sweet tomato, garlic and fennel. This dressing works well over all types of greens! Makes 1-3/4 cups

CREAMY RED PEPPER DRESSING  Serve over Italian salads with romaine lettuce, escarole, artichoke hearts, black olives, capers, sliced onion and tomatoes. Makes 1-1/3 cups

CREAMY RUSSIAN DRESSING Bottled Wish-Bone Russian Dressing mixed with veggie mayo, fennel, tarragon and liquid smoke. It doesn’t take much to create a new dressing out of an old favorite! Makes 1-2/3 cups

FRESH BASIL GARLIC SALAD DRESSING   with olive oil, pecans and maple syrup! Serve over fresh green salad of choice! Tastes like Caesar! Makes 2 cups

GINGER GARLIC RUSSIAN SALAD DRESSING   with orange, soy sauce and hot chili oil! Makes 1-1/4 cups

MAPLE MUSTARD MAYO SALAD DRESSING A deliciously simple, creamy dressing for green salads! Makes 3/4 cup

MAPLE WALNUT SALAD DRESSING  Walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, curry and mustard blended till creamy. Soy bacon bits added for bacon flavor. Heat from the curry and mustard create an unexpected flavor punch! Makes 1-2/3 cups

NEARLY RAW MUSHROOM-ONION SALAD DRESSING  Fresh mushroom and sweet onion blended with fresh garlic and ginger. Seasoned with thyme. Strong flavors, creamy texture! Melt in your mouth dressing! For those who like creamy vinaigrette dressings without non-dairy creamers! Makes 2-1/2 cups

PEANUT AND PEACH CATALINA SALAD DRESSING  with a hint of cinnamon! Peanut butter isn’t just for sandwiches anymore! Makes 4-1/2 cups

PERSIMMON TONIC WATER DRESSING A simple, creamy, light, rich, persimmon salad dressing with the uncanny ability to make all the ingredients in your salad shine – a blessing. For special occasions when you are out to IMPRESS! Oh, and the surprise ingredient? Diet Tonic Water. Wow. It works. Perfect for fruit salads! Makes 3 cups

PINEAPPLE PINE NUT DRESSING with cacao beans, champagne vinegar and maple syrup! Tastes like dessert. Serve over salad greens or fresh fruit! Makes approx. 4 cups

RED MISO BALSAMIC SALAD DRESSING A concentrated salad dressing that focuses more on taste sensations rather than individual flavors.  Fat-Free!  Makes about 3 cups


GRANNY SMITH APPLE VINEGAR-FREE DRESSING  A light, creamy and elegant green apple dressing! Makes 1-7/8 cups

HAZELNUT VINAIGRETTE  A simple, light, hazelnut oil and Balsamic vinegar dressing with a touch of mustard! Serve over butter (Boston) lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and thinly sliced sweet onion! Use a flavorful oil: G. Viver an import from France is the best I’ve tried. Makes 5 servings

RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE  A quick, easy palate pleaser! Please don’t omit the onion powder; it’s what makes this dressing special. I serve this dressing over only lettuce, and only the best!Makes 4-6 servings

SHERRY VINAIGRETTE  An olive oil, white wine tarragon vinegar and Sherry salad dressing! Drizzle over slices of chilled baked potato (unpeeled), asparagus spears, tomato wedges and ringlets of sweet onion arranged decoratively on individual salad plates. This dressing highlights the potato and asparagus by enhancing their earthy qualities! Makes enough dressing for 4 individual salad plates

SUN-DRIED TOMATO DRESSING  A delicious sun-dried tomato vinaigrette with garlic and basil. Serve over butter lettuce as a salad, or drizzle over sliced avocado as an appetizer! Makes 1 cup

SWEET CURRY VINAIGRETTE  Use any type of lettuce, except iceberg/head with this dressing. I often serve mixed greens tossed with rings of sweet onion and fresh grapefruit segments! Serves 6

SWEET ORANGE VINAIGRETTE  Grand Marnier, fresh juice or orange, fresh basil and a touch of mustard highlights this vinaigrette! Serve over butter (Boston) lettuce, sliced mushrooms, thinly sliced sweet onion, and drained mandarin orange segments! Makes about 1/2 cup

WHITE BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE with pine nuts and prunes. Use over greens, cabbage or as a dressing for bean salad. Heavenly! Sweet, tart and buttery! Makes 1-1/3 cups

FAT-FREE & reduced fat

FAT-FREE BLUEBERRY AND ROASTED PEPPER DRESSING Use this over any combination of vegetable/fruit salads. The red roasted pepper and blueberry – vegetable and fruit combo – allow for a wider range of uses. Rich-tasting almost animal-like as bad as that sounds, but as long as humans continue to eat animals, I’ll have no choice but to make mention of it – it tastes like there’s animal in it. I should know – I was an animal-eater a large part of my life. There’s no suffering here though. If God had made animals without nervous systems, they’d be plants. That’s how the world treats these precious creatures – like plants. Not here we don’t. Makes 6-3/4 cups

FAT-FREE CREAMY CAULIFLOWER DRESSING Sometimes fat-free gets complicated – till the cauliflower appears from out of nowhere and shows us how to do it! This is one version. Try your own and see how it develops! Then share it here! Makes 4-1/2 cups

FIVE INGREDIENT FAT-FREE NECTARINE SALAD DRESSING Except for the vinegar, salt and pepper, it’s raw. White nectarines, sweet and ripe make the base to this easy, simple ‘come to my table’ fat-free salad dressing! Makes almost 4 cups

MINUTE MAID LIMEADE DRESSING fat-free Minute Maid Limeade combined with pineapple explodes onto your greens like no other dressing. Use as dressing for any salad you like or over cooked veggies or as a dipper for fried tofu! Makes approx. 5 cups

PINK CHIFFON FAT-FREE SALAD DRESSING Welcome to the new face of dressings. Not your ordinary look, taste or feel. This is a dressing that highlights and enhances wherever it is used. Neither the taste nor the texture, however, is as guilty as it looks! Experience its innocence! We’re not chopping down trees here, we’re just picking the ripe fruit! Makes almost 3 cups

RED MISO BALSAMIC SALAD DRESSING A concentrated salad dressing that focuses more on taste sensations rather than individual flavors.  Fat-Free!  Makes about 3 cups

SAFFRON PICKLE JUICE DRESSING Save your pickle juice! Then make this delectable runny yolky textured dressing for salads and vegetables of all types! There’s only 3.5 grams of fat in the entire amount! For home or restaurant. Everybody has leftover pickle juice. This is how you use it. YES. Makes 3-3/4 cups

SMOKY RUSSIAN DRESSING low-fat Steve likes bottled dressing and sometimes so do I. Wishbone Russian is one of them. To reduce the calories this time, I add a low calorie unsweetened Almondmilk by Blue Diamond (Almond Breeze), a few drops of liquid smoke, a little garlic powder, salt, then whisk till smooth. Perfect! I love the transformation to creamy! Makes 1-3/4 cups

STRAWBERRY WALNUT DRESSING  Fresh strawberries, dried apricots, walnuts, onion, fresh ginger and chia seeds. Crush then smooth it all up in a blender to create a thick, yet light, fruity dressing for green or fruit salads! No added oil or sugar! Makes approx. 1-3/4 cups


BASIC DRESSING FOR BEAN SALAD  Sweet and sour fresh lime and garlic vinaigrette for bean salads! Makes 1-1/8 cups

BASIC TROPICAL FRUIT DRESSING  A tantalizing combination of curry, ginger, maple, lemon and Cream Sherry wine with a touch of black pepper! WOW! Makes about 3/4 cup or enough to dress 12 servings of fruit

CREAMY COCONUT ORANGE LEMON DRESSING FOR COLESLAW  This is a cooked, and then chilled, dressing using Jello pudding & pie filling for the lemon flavor and thickening. The sweet comes from cream of coconut and orange marmalade. The sour from champagne vinegar. Really special! Makes 3 cups

CREAMY ORANGE CURRY DRESSING FOR POTATO SALAD  Silken tofu, orange marmalade, apple cider vinegar and curry blended till smooth and creamy. Refrigerated till very cold, then toss with your favorite potato salad! Makes 1-3/4 cups

CREAMY PEANUT COLESLAW DRESSING  A creamy smooth sweet and sour peanut dressing with a hint of onion! Makes 1 cup

DRESSING FOR PASTA SALAD  This is a basic pasta salad dressing that will soon become a favorite! Although a salad suggestion is given below, use any pasta and any ingredients that you like. This dressing could also be used for potato salad when wanting a creamy sweet and sour oil and vinegar based dressing. Makes enough dressing for 6 cups dried pasta and your favorite ingredients

DRESSING FOR MACARONI SALAD Vegan sour cream has about half the calories of vegan mayonnaise, and it’s thicker, so you can add more to it without watering it down too much. For that reason, at least in some salads, vegan sour cream has become my new ‘go to’ base for mayonnaise replacement! Makes approx. 2 cups

DRESSING FOR POTATO SALAD  A special creamy sweet mustard avocado dressing for your favorite homemade potato salad! Makes enough dressing for 8 medium potatoes plus your favorite additional ingredients.

RED CABBAGE SLAW with radish, carrot and red onion. Tossed with Tofu French Dressing, then topped with cashew crumbles! Makes 6-8 cups slaw; makes 2-1/2 cups dressing

SALT-FREE CAESAR DRESSING  A Sweet, creamy pine nut dressing for those on salt-free diets! Makes 1-1/3 cups

SUN-DRIED TOMATO GINGER DRESSING FOR COLESLAW & GREEN SALADS  Sweet, sour, smokey flavored sun-dried tomato dressing with walnuts, ginger and shallots. Tossed with cold shredded green cabbage or fresh, crisped escarole and sprinkled with salted cashew crumbles!  Makes 2-1/2 cups dressing

SWEET BASIL DRESSING FOR MACARONI SALAD  A light, refreshing, tangy dressing using fresh sweet basil! Makes enough to dress 3 cups dried macaroni plus your favorite additional ingredients




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