Grilled Cheese Grinder

GRILLED CHEESE GRINDER Daiya dairy free block cheddar cheese layered with red roasted peppers, dill pickle planks and sliced onion on a steak and sausage six-inch grinder roll spread with veggie mayonnaise and prepared yellow mustard! Grilled in an oiled hot skillet till cheese softens and outside of roll hardens! Don’t forget the fresh grindContinue reading “Grilled Cheese Grinder”

Tofurkey Roast Beef And Slaw Sub

TOFURKEY ROAST BEEF AND SLAW SUB Foot long sub roll broiled inside till toasty, spread with a little margarine, then topped with roasted peppers, pan-fried Tofurkey roast beef slices and a tangy fat-free slaw! It works perfectly. Fresh, hot, crunchy! Low fat as subs go! Makes 1 foot long sub

Breakfast Sausage Sub

BREAKFAST SAUSAGE SUB Six inch steak & sausage sub roll spread with veg mayo, smoky ketchup and mustard. Layered with dill pickle planks, sliced onion and of course fried meatless breakfast sausage patties! Now that’s a great way to start a slow-moving, lazy, do whatever you want day! Per six-inch sub


SMOKY PAPRIKA TOFU SUBS Super firm sprouted tofu coated with a smoky paprika dry rub, then baked in extra virgin olive oil. Served on a broiled sub roll with a dry rub and horseradish dairy-free cream cheese spread, fresh spinach and tomato! Makes 4


VEGGIE BLT SUB This sub is so easy, and so delicious! Veggie bacon cooked briefly in grade A maple syrup and fresh cracked black pepper, then layered on a hard-crusted sub roll with lots of veggie mayo, shredded lettuce, tomato slices, sweet onion slices and kosher dill pickle planks will rock and roll anybody’s tasteContinue reading “VEGGIE BLT SUB”


MEATLESS PEPPERONI GRINDERS Fried onions and peppers, sweet red roasted peppers and fried meatless pepperoni served on a grinder roll spread with marinara sauce and coconut oil spread. Light and satisfying! Makes 2 grinders (subs)


THE ULTIMATE POTATO CHIP SANDWICH Yes, I’ve come a long way since the sweet pickle, potato chip and mayo and mustard sandwich late at night when there’s nothing else to eat! This ultimate version has wheels. Good any time, but there’s something about the dark that makes me want to make one! Makes 1 sandwich


ROASTED PEPPER AND TOMATO GRINDER aka SHARON’S “MEATBALL” SUB! Has the taste, feel and look of a meatball grinder. It also eats like one! This recipe is an adjunct to SWEET RED ROASTED PEPPER SPREAD that can be found in the starter/appetizer section. We’ll be using it on these grinders. When you find the timeContinue reading “ROASTED PEPPER AND TOMATO GRINDER aka SHARON’S ‘MEATBALL’ SUB”


SHARON’S CORDON BLEU SUBS Pan-fried soy chicken patties with cracked pepper. Layered with pan-fried soy ham slices and heated sweet red roasted peppers on a broiled soft sub roll spread with Dijon mustard and soft Animal-Free Butter! Makes 2 subs