AFC Stuffin’ Muffins

AFC STUFFIN' MUFFINS  Individual servings of creamy Stuffin' Muffins. Dry rye bread, cabbage saute, savory cider broth processed with instant mashed potatoes into a batter. Baked with brown sugar and margarine bottom glaze and topped with smoky Candied Walnuts. Exquisite! Makes 12 Dry bread: 14 lg. deli-size slices rye bread (I used Beefsteak brand) -  … Continue reading AFC Stuffin’ Muffins



SMOKY LAZY PIEROGI Lazy, crazy good! Not your tradtional lazy pierogi - sauteed onion, pepper and mushroom plus spinach, in addition to the traditional sauerkraut, take this lazy dish over the top! Then tick it up one more time with McCormick's Bac'n Pieces and I'm no longer in hog heaven - I'm in animal-free culinary … Continue reading SMOKY LAZY PIEROGI


TOMATO SAFFRON SAUCE OVER PIEROGI with green chilies, coconut milk, cilantro, garlic and coriander. Ladled over cooked potato and onion pierogi! Topped with fresh cilantro garnish and a wedge of fresh lemon! Makes approx. 6 cups sauce Sauce: 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes (I used RED GOLD brand) 4.25 oz. can CHI-CHI's Diced Green Chilies … Continue reading TOMATO SAFFRON SAUCE OVER PIEROGI


FRENCH RIVIERA PIEROGI Named for the superior sauce and the superior pierogi! Big flavor, melt in your mouth elegance! Serves 2-4  (12 pierogies with sauce) 12 froz. potato and onion pierogies by Supreme Pierogi - JJ Wilk Cook pierogies in salted, boiling water till tender. Drain in colander. As pierogies cook, make sauce: In large … Continue reading FRENCH RIVIERA PIEROGI


PIEROGI POTATO FRY What to do with leftover baked potatoes? A simple Sunday morning breakfast dish that will delight your significant other. Fried pierogi and baked potato in a simple mustard sauce. Garnish with chopped kosher dill pickle to take it through the roof! Why not serve it with a glass of champagne and orange … Continue reading PIEROGI AND POTATO FRY

MEATLESS GOLUMPKI (stuffed cabbage)

MEATLESS GOLUMPKI (stuffed cabbage) Sweet, tender steamed cabbage leaves stuffed with white and brown rice mixed with a saute of peppers, celery, onion, sun-dried tomatoes and walnuts. Seasoned with garlic, basil and mint. And topped with a tomato barbecue sauce! Makes 14 cabbage rolls Preheat oven to 375 degrees Rice: 3 c. water 1 t. salt … Continue reading MEATLESS GOLUMPKI (stuffed cabbage)


 POTATO PIEROGI BENEDICT The potato pierogi acts like the egg in this special version of 'eggs' Benedict. English muffin layered with roasted pepper, creamy fresh steamed spinach, potato pierogi and lemon tarragon Egg-Free Hollandaise sauce!  Serves 4 Egg-Free Hollandaise Sauce: Makes a little more than 1 cup 1/2 c. soy cream cheese (I used Tofutti … Continue reading POTATO PIEROGI BENEDICT


HOME MADE SAUERKRAUT PIEROGIS Sauteed sauerkraut, sweet onion and garlic stuffed into pockets of hand-rolled dough. Boiled till tender, then pan-fried till golden and puffed. Delicate! One of my favorite all-time foods! Makes 24 1 c. flour (Pillsbury's Best All-Purpose Flour works best for homemade pierogi dough) 1/2 t. salt 1/3 c. cold water 1/2 … Continue reading HOMEMADE SAUERKRAUT PIEROGIS


CRAZY PIEROGI CRACKER A blend of sauerkraut, soy cream cheese, mustard, garlic, paprika. Served cold on crackers with assorted toppers: chopped Kalamata olive, chopped cucumber, chopped tomato and chopped dill pickle! Makes about 3 cups spread 8 oz. soy cream cheese, plain, at room temperature 2 T. ketchup 2 T. prepared yellow mustard 1 t. … Continue reading CRAZY PIEROGI CRACKER


SHARON’S BOILED DINNER Collard greens, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and whole yellow onions hard-boiled till tender-soft. Simmered in a mustard, dill, brown sugar broth! Refreshing and familiar! Makes 25 cups  1 bunch fresh collard greens, washed; remove soiled leaves and tips; remove hard stem running through center of each leaf, by cutting around it and discarding; cut … Continue reading SHARON’S BOILED DINNER