JAMAICAN ME CRAZY FLAN Do you like cocoa, coffee, coconut, caramel? Then you'll love this smok'n Jamaican Me Crazy flan! Serves 6 2 T. Jamaican Me Crazy ground coffee 1/2 c. unsweetened dark cocoa powder 1/2 c. light brown sugar 2/3 c. sweetened flaked coconut 1 t. cinnamon 1 t. smoked paprika 1 t. liquid … Continue reading JAMAICAN ME CRAZY FLAN



KAMUT INDIAN STYLE PUDDING This stove-top Indian pudding swaps in Kamut flour and swaps out the cornmeal, creating a perfect grainy texture that is the hallmark of Indian pudding. Big, bold spicy flavors, soft, melt in your mouth textures! Oregon sweet cherries and cashew butter are the surprise ingredients! Makes 4-1/2 cups or 9, 1/2 … Continue reading KAMUT INDIAN STYLE PUDDING


BLUEBERRY CHOCOLATE CUSTARD Blueberries, dark cocoa and cream of coconut. Topped with red wine submerged into the center of each serving, and a tiny bit of sea salt. Finished with Veg whipped cream, orange zest and shaved chocolate. Melt in your mouth custard! Serves 6 15 oz. can Oregon Specialty fruit, Blueberries in light syrup … Continue reading BLUEBERRY CHOCOLATE CUSTARD


PINEAPPLE PUMPKIN PUDDING It's not that difficult to make a holiday dessert that's fairly healthy for you! Great texture, great taste, and fills you up without remorse! Silk Nog, golden raisins, cocoa, pineapple, pumpkin, spice and everything nice! Happy to you! Makes 9 cups 20 oz. can crushed pineapple 29 oz. can pumpkin 3-1/2 c. … Continue reading PINEAPPLE PUMPKIN PUDDING


 NO-COOK PISTACHIO CACAO BEAN PUDDING JELL-O Pistachio Instant Pudding & Pie Filling, ground cacao beans, soy whip topping, apple cider and chia seeds blended till smooth. Chill, top with a spoonful of additional whip topping and a sprinkle of ground cacao bean! Serves 5 3.4 oz. pkg. JELL-O Pistachio Instant Pudding & Pie Filling 1/2 c. … Continue reading NO-COOK PISTACHIO CACAO BEAN PUDDING


BANANA PUMPKIN SPICE MOUSSE Spiced banana and pumpkin pudding combined when cold, with veggie whipped cream to create a delectable mousse! Topped with additional whipped 'cream' and a sprinkle of nutmeg! Makes 5 cups 4, med.-size very ripe bananas, broken into chunks 1/2 c. almond milk (I used Silk brand) 2 c. canned pumpkin 1/2 … Continue reading BANANA PUMPKIN SPICE MOUSSE


PEANUT BUTTER PUMPKIN PUDDING Made with Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese, creamy peanut butter, pumpkin, almond coconut milk and spice.  Topped with coffee flavored soy whipped cream and a cinnamon dash. Tastes like peanut butter pumpkin cream pie absent the crust. Except for the soy whipped cream, this recipe is gluten-free. Makes 6-1/2 cups Pudding: … Continue reading PEANUT BUTTER PUMPKIN PUDDING


LEMON BLUEBERRY WHIP Fresh blueberries combined with a lemon, vanilla almond cream! If you're feeling adventurous, then drizzle with lemon infused white Balsamic vinegar! Exciting! Makes 8 small servings - small is all you need - it's rich! 1-1/2 c. water 1/4 c. sugar 2.9 oz. pkg. Jello- Cook & Serve Lemon Pudding & Pie … Continue reading LEMON BLUEBERRY WHIP


FRESH BLUEBERRY PUDDING Made with fresh blueberries and almond coconut milk. Topped with vanilla mint sauce flavored with cinnamon and coriander! International flavors! Serves 10 Pudding: 2 lbs. fresh blueberries 1/2 c. water 3/4 c. light brown sugar 1/3 c. cornstarch 2 c. Almond Coconut Milk (I used Almond Breeze brand) 1/2 t. sea salt … Continue reading FRESH BLUEBERRY PUDDING


BING CHERRY WHIP Fresh Bing cherries mixed with soy whipped cream flavored with ginger, coriander and vanilla! Serves 6 Cherries: 1 lb. ripe, dark Bing cherries, pitted and halved 1/4 c. white sugar Combine cherries and sugar in bowl. Stir well to dissolve sugar. Set aside. Cream: 8 oz. Rich's RICH WHIP non-dairy topping, thawed … Continue reading BING CHERRY WHIP


CHERRY BERRY PUDDING Made with fresh Bing cherries, blueberry preserves and dried berries. Flavored with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and cinnamon. Topped with soy whipped cream and a cherry! Makes 7 servings 2 c. fresh, sweet Bing cherries, pitted and halved * 7 whole cherries with stems on, for garnish 3 c. unsweetened almond milk 5 T. … Continue reading CHERRY BERRY PUDDING


LEMON FLUFF An easy to make, delightful summer dessert. It's rich, so you don't need much, but oh so refreshing. Lemon cream pie without the crust is how I look at the calorie content. Everybody deserves a little 'fluff' for dessert now and then! Makes 5 servings 2 c. Rich's Whip Topping (ready to whip), … Continue reading LEMON FLUFF


LUAU PINEAPPLE CREAM Fresh pineapple and craisins cooked with ginger, sugar and lemon in a thick glaze flavored with cloves and smoke. The pineapple is cooked till it tastes glazed and fatty, then it's combined with Tofutti sour cream and chilled. We serve it with a thin vanilla and ginger Tofutti sweet sour cream sauce … Continue reading LUAU PINEAPPLE CREAM


RUM RAISIN PUDDING A rich, creamy raisin pudding flavored with rum, vanilla and cinnamon! Serves 6-8 2/3 c. sugar 5 T. cornstarch 4 c. non-dairy creamer, plain (Rich's Non-Dairy-Creamer is gluten-free) 4 t. vanilla extract 2 t. cinnamon couple dashes salt 1 c. raisins 1/2 c. rum nutmeg In large saucepan combine sugar and cornstarch. … Continue reading RUM RAISIN PUDDING


LEMON PINEAPPLE CREAM A lemon cream pudding topped with candied lemon zest! Serves 6-8 2, 2.9 oz. pkgs. Jello Cook & Serve Lemon Pudding & Pie Filling 2/3 c. sugar 8 oz. can crushed pineapple 2 c. non-dairy liquid creamer 1 c. water 1/3 c. sugar zest of 1 lemon, cut into 1/16 inch wide … Continue reading LEMON PINEAPPLE CREAM


CARIBBEAN CUSTARD A lemon, vanilla tapioca pudding with pineapple, banana, coconut and maraschino cherries. Sprinkled with nutmeg! Serves 9 2.9 oz. pkg. lemon flavored Cook & Serve Pudding & Pie Filling by Jello (Jello brand is gluten-free) 3 oz. pkg. vanilla flavored Cook & Serve Pudding & Pie filling by Jello 1/3 c. plus 1/4 … Continue reading CARIBBEAN CUSTARD


CHOCOLATE CHERRY PUDDING Dark sweet cherries, double chocolate pudding and coconut layered in dessert dishes! Fabulous! Serves 6-8 2, 5 oz. pkgs. Cook & Serve Chocolate Pudding & Pie Filling by Jello (Jello brand is gluten-free) 5 T. cornstarch 3 T. powdered unsweetened cocoa 1/2 t. vanilla extract 16-1/2 oz. can dark sweet cherries in … Continue reading CHOCOLATE CHERRY PUDDING


CHOCOLATE RUM PUDDING Chocolate pudding with added cocoa, rum, banana. Topped with marachino cherries and sliced almonds! Serves 7 2, 3.4 oz. pkgs. Chocolate Flavored Cook & Serve Pudding & Pie Filling by Jello (Jello brand is gluten-free) 1/4 c. cornstarch 2 T. unsweetened flavored cocoa 1/4 c. dark rum 3-1/4 c. fat-free non-dairy creamer … Continue reading CHOCOLATE RUM PUDDING


BLACK SATIN PUDDING Coconut, chocolate mint. Literally melts on your tongue! You won't want the sensation to end! Makes 6 servings 15 oz. can Cream of Coconut by Goya 1/4 c. Hershey's Syrup (is gluten-free) 1/4 c. unsweetened dark cocoa powder 1/2 c. Rich's non-dairy creamer, full strength (www.richwhip.com) 1/2 t. dried mint leaves, crushed through … Continue reading BLACK SATIN PUDDING


VANILLA PUMPKIN PUDDING Flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg. Tastes like pumpkin cream pie! Makes 9 dessert cup servings 15 oz. can pumpkin 1/2 c. dark brown sugar 4 c. plain soy milk 1/3 c. cornstarch 1 T. vanilla extract 1 t. cinnamon 1 t. nutmeg 1/4 t. salt Place pumpkin and sugar in food processor. In … Continue reading VANILLA PUMPKIN PUDDING