Baked Apples Stuffed With Frozen Custard

BAKED APPLES STUFFED WITH FROZEN CUSTARD These bakers can be used for applesauce by removing all the pulp after they've been baked and combining it with the juices left in the baking dish. Or, they can be stuffed after they're baked and chilled with a frozen custard, then drizzled with a Creamy Orange Ginger Sauce, … Continue reading Baked Apples Stuffed With Frozen Custard


Chunky Baked Applesauce

CHUNKY BAKED APPLESAUCE One ingredient: apples. That's all it takes to make the perfect applesauce! Serve as condiment, side dish accompaniment, or as dessert! Makes 3 cups Preheat oven to 350 degrees 3 lb. bag of apples, washed and cored Place cored apples in 9 x 11 inch baking dish. Cover tightly with foil. Bake … Continue reading Chunky Baked Applesauce

Poached Pears And Beets Àla Creme

POACHED PEARS AND BEETS ÀLA CREME Whole pears poached in the oven in a walnut-maple syrup baste. Then pan-poached along with cubed beets by their own juices with a mix of fig and raspberry spreads and fresh lime. Served with a Vanilla Coconut Lime Sauce! Serves 6 or more Walnut-Maple Baste: 2 T. walnut oil 3 … Continue reading Poached Pears And Beets Àla Creme


CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES A special occasion calls for a special dessert! Animal-free of course! Happy Easter to you and yours. For those who don't celebrate Easter, then celebrate something else that's special to you!! Makes a bunch Chocolate covered strawberries look difficult to make, but they're not. All you need is a couple bags of … Continue reading CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES


FRUIT SALAD DESSERT Canned pineapple tidbits, baby red grapes, fresh orange segments and banana tossed with a brown sugar sweetened veg whipped cream and fresh basil. Topped with orange zest, nutmeg, more basil and a sprinkling of freshly ground sea salt! A refreshing way to end a meal, or serve as the fruit and the … Continue reading FRUIT SALAD DESSERT

Glazed Baked Royal Riviera Pears

Glazed Baked Royal Riviera Pears Baking the pears with a glaze enhances the pear flavor, bringing the entire experience to new levels of enjoyment. The glaze melts in your mouth along with the pear. Spectacular! Makes 4 Preheat oven to 500 degrees - Place one of the racks on lowest rung 4 ripe Royal Riviera … Continue reading Glazed Baked Royal Riviera Pears


APPLE WALNUT KAHLUA DESSERT Golden delicious apples cooked with walnuts and golden raisins in a Kahlua Rum & Coffee Liqueur. Flavored with ginger, lemon and cinnamon. Topped with soy or coconut whipped cream and orange zest! Makes 8 ice-cream scoops 6 golden delicious apples, peeled, cored and sliced (about 1/2 inch at the widest part … Continue reading APPLE WALNUT KAHLUA DESSERT


STRAWBERRY BANANA COMPOTE with sweet cream and mint. Topped with salted cashew crumbles, then drizzled with Hazelnut Kalua and lemon liqueur! Serves 2 1 lg. banana, sliced 1 c. fresh, ripe, hulled, sliced strawberries 1/4 c. non-dairy creamer (I used Rich's Non-Dairy Creamer - gluten-free) 1/4 c. powdered sugar sprinkle of dried finely crushed mint, … Continue reading STRAWBERRY BANANA COMPOTE


FRESH MELON AND PINEAPPLE DESSERT Watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple served with a Ginger Beer Banana Cream Sauce! Gentle flavors. The sauce is so good I could drink it!! Makes 17 cups fruit Sauce: Makes 3 cups 4 ripe, med.- size bananas, peeled and broken into pieces 1 c. ginger beer (I used Goya brand - … Continue reading FRESH MELON AND PINEAPPLE DESSERT


WATERMELON CHERRY DESSERT Ever put whipped cream on watermelon? It works to create an elegant, easy dessert! Watermelon cubes and fresh Bing cherries topped with non-dairy whipped topping and sprinkled with brown sugar! Makes as many as you want Into each dessert cup: Place several cubes of freshly cut seeded watermelon cubes. Place several sweet … Continue reading WATERMELON CHERRY DESSERT


ROASTED ROYAL RIVIERA PEARS Royal Riviera Pears roasted in liquid brown sugar and lemon zest. Topped with a maple cream sauce! This is the only pear that when roasted has a creamy texture! Elegant! Serves 8 Preheat oven to 350 degrees 4 fresh, ripe Royal Riviera Pears 1 c. brown sugar zest and juice of … Continue reading ROASTED ROYAL RIVIERA PEARS


PEACHES AND ICE-CREAM AND GINGER SNAPS Canned peach half filled with a scoop of vanilla or peach non-dairy ice-cream. Topped with a little heavy syrup from the peaches, a little non-dairy creamer, then sprinkled with cinnamon. Served with ginger snaps! A dessert for one--or many! Serves 1 1 canned peach half packed in heavy syrup … Continue reading PEACHES AND ICE-CREAM AND GINGER SNAPS


RAINBOW FRUIT DESSERT Tender sweet kiwi fruit, sliced banana and fresh sliced strawberries arranged on dessert plates, then covered with a sauce of maple syrup, rum and lime! Vivid color presentation! Serves 4 3 T. Grade A maple syrup, 100% pure 1 T. dark rum 1 T. juice of fresh lime 2 sm. kiwi fruits, … Continue reading RAINBOW FRUIT DESSERT


PRUNES IN BURGUNDY Tender sweet dried prunes (plums) marinated and served in a wonderfully smooth Burgundy wine! Serves approx. 8 1 bag or box of dried pitted prunes 1 bottle Burgundy wine A couple of hours before your meal place 4-5 whole pitted prunes into the bottom of as many wine glasses as guests you'll … Continue reading PRUNES IN BURGUNDY


PEARS MARINATED IN RUBY PORT Canned pear halves marinated in Ruby Port wine. Served with a drizzle of cherry flavored creamer! Elegant and easy! Serves 8 29 oz. can pear halves packed in heavy syrup (I used Del Monte brand) 1 bottle Ruby Red port wine 8 T. non-dairy liquid creamer 4 t. maraschino cherry … Continue reading PEARS MARINATED IN RUBY PORT


MARINATED STRAWBERRIES Fresh strawberries marinated in sweet creamer flavored with Amber rum! Serves 4-6 1 qt. fresh, ripe strawberries, washed, hulled and cut in half  from tip to tip 1/2 c. non-dairy liquid creamer 1 T. sugar or to taste 3 T. Bacardi's Amber Rum Combine all ingredients in large bowl. Stir gently to dissolve … Continue reading MARINATED STRAWBERRIES


FRESH MELON CUPS Cubes of fresh succulent melon--canteloupe, honey dew and watermelon--layered in transparent cups. Topped with fresh whole raspberries or blueberries! Spectacular visual achievement! Serves 6-8 2 c. diced, seeded watermelon, 3/4 inch cubes 1/2 honeydew melon, cut into 3/4 inch cubes 1 canteloupe, cut into 3/4 inch cubes 5-6 T. fresh raspberries or … Continue reading FRESH MELON CUPS


BANANAS AND BLUEBERRIES Sliced banana and fresh blueberries in sweet vanilla non-dairy creamer!  When you want an easy dessert for yourself or your family and don't feel like spending much time on it, this satisfies the desire! Serves 1 1/2 firm, ripe banana, sliced 7-10 fresh blueberries 2 T. non-dairy creamer 1/4 t. sugar few … Continue reading BANANAS AND BLUEBERRIES


APRICOTS AND BANANAS Apricot halves topped with sliced banana. Sprinkled with cinnamon, topped with powdered sugar, then drizzled with agave nectar! Serves 6 30 oz. can apricot halves in heavy syrup, carefully drained so that they don't break 3 sm. bananas cinnamon powdered sugar agave nectar In each dessert cup place 3 apricot halves without … Continue reading APRICOTS AND BANANAS


GINGER MANADRIN ORANGE AND PINEAPPLE  Canned  pineapple chunks and manadrin oranges, marinated in their syrup with powdered ginger. Garnished with fresh mint. A simple dessert from your pantry! Serves 4 8 oz. can pineapple chunks, including liquid (Dole brand is gluten-free) 11 oz. can mandarin orange segments, including liquid (Del Monte brand is gluten-free) 1/2 … Continue reading GINGER MANADRIN ORANGE AND PINEAPPLE


PEG’S FRUIT CUP Fresh juicy nectarines, sweet white grapefruit and red seedless grapes, drizzled with maraschino cherry juice, then topped with a cherry! This is a dessert my mother used to make in the summer! Makes 4 servings 1 large white grapefruit, cut into segments 2 ripe nectarines, pitted and thinly sliced 1 cup red … Continue reading PEG’S FRUIT CUP