Baked Apples Stuffed With Frozen Custard

BAKED APPLES STUFFED WITH FROZEN CUSTARD These bakers can be used for applesauce by removing all the pulp after they've been baked and combining it with the juices left in the baking dish. Or, they can be stuffed after they're baked and chilled with a frozen custard, then drizzled with a Creamy Orange Ginger Sauce, … Continue reading Baked Apples Stuffed With Frozen Custard


Cranberry Coconut Frozen Custard

CRANBERRY COCONUT FROZEN CUSTARD Smooth as custard. Rich as cream. Perfect scoop. An easy make! Makes 3-1/2 cups 14 oz. can whole cranberry sauce - I used Ocean Spray 11 oz. container SO Delicious Dairy Free Culinary CoconutMilk - Original, chilled till thick 1/2 c. Rich's COFFEE RICH Non-Dairy Creamer 16 oz. POM Blueberry Pomegranate … Continue reading Cranberry Coconut Frozen Custard


SMOKY MAPLE WALNUT ICE-CREAM One word: DIVINE! Makes 4-1/3 cups 2 c. walnut halves 1 c. light brown sugar 1/2 t. sea salt 1/2 c. Grade A maple syrup 1 t. maple extract 16 oz. Rich's Coffee Rich Non-Dairy Creamer, thawed 2 t. liquid smoke Place walnuts in food processor and process till mealy. Add … Continue reading SMOKY MAPLE WALNUT ICE-CREAM


STRAWBERRY CASHEW ICE-CREAM Simply made, simply delicious! Makes 6 cups 1 lb. whole froz. strawberries, unsweetened - thawed enough so you can bite into them 2 c. Rich's Whip Topping, thawed 12 oz. jar Jif Creamy Cashew Butter 1/2 c. light brown sugar 1/2 t. sea salt 2 t. vanilla extract Process strawberries in food … Continue reading STRAWBERRY CASHEW ICE-CREAM


CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO NUT ICE-CREAM Extra rich - just like old-fashioned ice-cream. Yet, unlike the old-style that was made from fat, this ice-cream contains protein in addition to the fat! The teeny bits of espresso make this fine dessert pop, whether served chilled or frozen! Makes 2-3/4 cups 1 c. Rich's Whip Topping, thawed - place … Continue reading CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO NUT ICE-CREAM


SMOKED ALMOND TRUFFLE ICE-CREAM Nutty, smoky, salty, sweet. The texture of a decadent truffle - all wrapped up in an animal-free ice-cream. Enjoy the pleasure while it lasts. Then save some for tomorrow - you'll be glad you did! Makes 4-1/2 cups 1 c. walnut halves 6 oz. can Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds 1 c. … Continue reading SMOKED ALMOND TRUFFLE ICE-CREAM


ANOTHER JIF WHIP ICE-CREAM - PINEAPPLE CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER Made with a coconut base and a hint of hazelnut. Served with fresh apple slices, a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Pineapple and apple go quite well together - one inside the creation and the other outside serving as a booster to … Continue reading ANOTHER JIF WHIP ICE-CREAM – PINEAPPLE CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER


JIF WHIP GELATO The best gelato in the world - right here - using ingredients we already know and like! And so easy! Makes 5-3/4 cups 6 Nutter Butter Cookies by Nabisco 15 oz. can Cream Of Coconut by Goya (available in most markets), room temperature 1/4 c. dark unsweetened cocoa powder 15.9 oz. Jif … Continue reading JIF WHIP GELATO


HOMEMADE CLEO'S BANANA ICE-CREAM "CLEO'S" Vegan Peanut Butter Cups by Go Max Go, processed with ripe bananas, Roland Classic Coconut Milk and maple syrup. Frozen to desired consistency. Topped with soy or coconut whipped cream. Sprinkled with shaved Thumb's Up Go Max Go candy bar and topped with a fresh cherry! Makes 4 cups 4, … Continue reading HOMEMADE CLEO’S BANANA ICE-CREAM


BLUEBERRY SORBET A frozen blend of blueberries, cabernet sauvignon wine and pineapple juice! Serves 6 16 oz. pkg. froz. whole blueberries, thawed in bag, or empty in bowl to thaw 1/2 c. cabernet sauvignon wine 1/2 c. pineapple juice 1/3 c. sugar In large bowl combine thawed blueberries (with their juice), wine, pineapple juice and … Continue reading BLUEBERRY SORBET


STRAWBERRY BANANA FROZEN PUDDING A smooth mousse-like strawberry and banana frozen pudding! Serves 4 10 oz.carton frozen sliced strawberries, unsweetened, thawed 1 lg. ripe, but firm banana with no brown spots, 8-9 inches long, sliced Put thawed strawberries and sliced banana into blender container. Blend on medium speed till pureed, then on high-speed till very … Continue reading STRAWBERRY BANANA FROZEN PUDDING


STRAWBERRY AND RED WINE SORBET A deliciously smooth iced strawberry and red wine dessert! Makes 2 cups 2-1/2 c. whole frozen strawberries, unsweetened 3/4 c. red table wine 1/3 c. sugar Place all ingredients in blender container. Blend on low speed till blended, then on medium-high speed till smooth. Pour into freezer-proof container. Cover and … Continue reading STRAWBERRY AND RED WINE SORBET